Minimum age to participate is 8 years old, providing the individual is registered and marching with a parent/ guardian or a member of the family 18 years or older. (Child MUST be with parent/ guardian at all times when on the route)

- No pets, bicycles or strollers are allowed on the route. (Unless Service Dog w/Documentation)

- CD players, boom boxes, etc. are allowed only if headphones are used.

- United We March route will close at 8:00 p.m.

- Removal of signs or other markers is strictly prohibited and will result in immediate disqualification.

- Refunds will NOT be authorized once registered nor will they be issued do to inclement weather or cancelation of the march. Specific situations such as military deployment or medical emergency will be taken into consideration, however the individual must contact us directly and provide appropriate documentation.

- Good sportsmanship is expected at all times!

- Registration link:

- Facebook link:

-Timer and registration provided by:


- Teams will consist of 5 members only.

- All teams are required to march single file for the first 2 miles of the march. This allows faster marchers and runners room to pass.

- Any team finishing with less than 5 members will be disqualified. No team will abandon or leave behind a member. If a team member cannot continue, it is the team's duty to ensure that they are left in the care of an aid station. Leaving a team member behind is not what United We March is about. Once a team member is left in the care of medical personnel, the remainder of the team may choose to complete the course; however, the entire team is disqualified from placing.

- Avoid caffeinated beverages for 24 hours before the march.

- Both alcohol and caffeine will dehydrate you.

- Carbohydrate load at least 48 hours prior to the march.

- Drink a lot of water the day before and the morning of the march, and drink at every water point. Sport drinks are good, as are oranges and other juicy fruits.

- You will lose more time due to muscle cramps and dehydration than you will lose by stopping to drink at every water station and personal source of water.

- For the heavy class races, canned food may be used in your ruck and donated at the end of the race to Utah food bank.